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Packaging: 180's


Normal usage for working people and  students:

If you are a 9 to 5 employee, business owner, student or a very busy mom, Hypo Plus Naturals will help you breeze through the day . For day to day use, you'll take 3 caps every morning, this will give you enough nutrients to cope with a normal day. If you know you're going to have an extraodinary day of running around, driving far, examns, or high stress, etc then take 6 caps in the morning. 

Normal usage for very active sports people:

If you're a sportman/woman then you would probably use 6 caps of Hypo Plus Naturals every morning and follow up at noon after your training session with a Hypo Plus Naturals Power Foods shake!!

Hypo Plus Naturals is a stringent detoxifyer, so you might experience a "morning after the party before" headache from the 3rd to 5th day of use, thereafter you'll shake it and only enjoy the benefits of optimum health and nutrition.

Normal usage for people with Immune Compromised Systems:

Use as your breakfast every morning and take an additional 3 to 6 caps of Hypo Plus Naturals at breakfast!!

Normal usage for people struggling to gain weight:

Use as your breakfast every morning and take an additional 3 caps of Hypo Plus Naturals at breakfast, follow up at lunch with another packet of Hypo Plus Power Foods and enjoy your normal meals as well!!

Should you reach your ideal weight then decrease the use of the Power Foods at lunch, if you then still gain weight also stop taking the Power Foods at breakfast as well but continue with the use of your Hypo Plus Naturals caps.

Delivery Charges: The sales office will contact you with the most affordable options available on receiving your order!!

Contact us for more information. Should you wish to become a wholesaler or agent with us please send an email to info@hypoplusnaturals.co.za with a short profile and what you propose.

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